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Asbestos Free(AF) Performance Packings - STYLE - 172

Duralon Gland Packing (Aramid PTFE Yarn Combination)

The packing is combination of tough high strength ARAMID fiber yarn on corners and PTFE lubricated yarn on the sides. The positioning of tough ARAMID yarn with negligible friction of PTFE Yarn renders the packing best suited for high pressure rotating and reciprocating applications. The packing constituents have very low thermal expansion, good dimensional stability and creep resistance under high pressure applications.

Service Recommendations :
Best for sealing wide range of slurry and high pressure pumps, agitators, valves, mixers, in chemicals, acids, alkalies, most gases, petroleum fertilizers oils, steam, aromatic solvents, ammonia and CARBAMATE services.

Not Recommended For Oxygen And Oxidant Alcohols. Preferred Use Against Abrasive Media In Slurries, Mixers And Agitators.

Typical Physical Properties

PH Temperature Size
2-12 0C Bar Bar m/s Bar m/s mm2
-2000 to +2800 250 150 10 250 2 3-100

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