Environment Friendly Sealing and
Heat Insulation Solutions

Asbestos Free(AF) Performance Packings - STYLE - 23

Flurocarb Packing (High Tensile PTFE Graphite)

This packing, constructed from HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH PTFE yarn which incorporates high quality graphite particles for better heat transfer. The constituents impart improved thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, lubricity, low thermal expansion and low coefficient of friction.

Service Recommendations :
The packing is developed for high speed shafts in rotating, reciprocatory and static services, valve stems, slurry and high pressure applications against chemicals, acids and alkalies, oils, pulp and paper etc.

Not Recommended For Fluorides, Molten Alkali Metals, Fuming Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate, Oxygen, Or Strong Oxidising Agents.

Typical Physical Properties

PH Temperature Size
0-14 0C Bar Bar m/s Bar m/s mm2
-2500 to +3000 350 25 20 250 3 3-100

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