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Asbestos Free(AF) Performance Packings - STYLE - 664

Pre Cut Pure Graphite Gasket - (1.5mm / 3mm))

CHAMPION Style - 664 is pre-formed gasket in Non Metallic and also in Metallic (Tanged) version having re-inforcement of (Plain / Perforated) SS Sheet depending on various working conditions.

These gaskets are manufactured from Pure Graphite Sheet having carbon content 99% to 99.9%. These are extremely suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications and are ready to use. They are dimensionally stable under extreme pressure surge and does not age or creep under hot or cold working conditions. "CHAMPION" Style 664 Pure Graphite Gaskets are also highly suitable for Cryogenic services.

Metallic version of "CHAMPION" Style 664 gasket i.e. with re-inforcement of SS sheet is highly suitable for extremely high pressure conditions which also increases mechanical strength of the gasket. More over this re-inforcement resists blow out at elevated temperatures and Pressure is maintained with air tight sealing during operation. "CHAMPION" Style 664 Pure Graphite Gasket re-inforced with SS perforated sheet have already proved its excellence as a much better substitute to serrated metallic gasket and Spiral wound gasket. These gaskets are commonly known as Tanged gasket.

Service Recommendations :
Super Heated and saturated steam, all non-Oxidizing liquids and gases, Oxygen Services, Cryogenic Services, Hydro Carbon, Dyes & Chemicals, Fuel Oil & Lube Oil etc.

Typical Physical Properties

PH Temperature Size
0-14 -2000 to +33000
-2000 to +6000
-2000 to +6500
Bar Bar m/s Bar m/s mm2
200 Bar (Non-Metallic) & 500 Bar (Metallic) for Static

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