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Asbestos Free(AF) Fibre Jointing Sheets - AF120 Steam

Asbestos Free fibre jointing sheets af120 Steam

Product Profile

A compressed synthetic Aramid fibre jointing sheet bonded with elastomers to create a matrix of stability.

Colour: Green

Service Conditions

Suitable for light industrial applications. Media : Water, Gases, Medium pressure Steam, Dilute Acids/Alkalies (Medium Service Conditions).

Max. Operating Pressure
50 bars
Max. Short term service temp.
Max. Continuous service temp.
Max. Operation temp. for steam

Typical Physical Properties

Density - 1.9 g/cm3
Tensile Strength ASTM F 152 9 Mpa
Compressibility ASTM F 36 8%
Residual Stress BS 7531 22 Mpa
Gas Permeability BS 7531 <0.5 cc/Min
Recovery ASTM F 36 ≥45%
Water Absorpation BS 7531 ≤5%
Ignition Loss - ≤30%

Fluid Resistance

ASTM Oil NO.3 Fuel B
Thickness Increase % Mass Increase %
≤10 ≤10
Thickness Increase % Mass Increase %
≤10 ≤10
Special density, thickness, shape or grade available on request.

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